[CSGO] Prime - Development Behind the Scenes

General / 02 July 2022

Hi all!

"Prime" has been a CSGO level I've been working on for over a year in between university and contract work. Some months I've been working full-time hours on the level. I worked on for CSGO with Konstantin "RZL" Löffler (Level Designer; Blizzard Ent; Overwatch 2; Outcasters; Gears Tactics). I was responsible for creation of visual art and all in-game art, including 2D and 3D asset creation, set-dressing, lighting, visual FX, to name a few. Morten "MF_Kitten" Fjeld (Fjeld Audio) worked as the resident sound designer, working to create the in-game soundscapes used throughout the entire level. Jon "Jonmcbane" Meyers worked to create the logo for the map that is used in the applications used to access and play the level. 90% of all assets were created by me, though 5% are stock CSGO assets, and another 5% were licensed from Megascans, Textures.com, and Substance (many were highly modified). I also want to thank Alfie "Quoting" Bawden for having briefly worked on the level in August 2021, a few of these images showing some of their set-dressing work.

This map "Prime" was built on CSGO, which uses the very outdated Source 1 Engine. No PBR, no realtime lighting, no custom shaders, outdated stock shaders, mostly diffuse based work, though much time and effort went into making all materials utilize the engine's strengths that were there.

I wanted to share a trove of behind the scenes images of all the work that led up to this final version.