CSGO DLC - Feb 2022 Update

General / 23 February 2022

Hi everyone!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just rolled out an update to add free DLC for all players. I'd love to happily announce here that my level "Hive" was added to the game as official DLC for everyone to play.

This was a level I worked on for CSGO last summer with Bartłomiej "Lizard" Guzek (Techland Games; Dying Light 2) and Michael "jakuza" Jako (3D Aim Trainer; Gearbox Software). I led charge of authoring tileables, hero assets, and many reusable models for the level.

I am really proud of the work we all did and super excited for all Counter-Strike players to see it! Also thanks to Valve for partnering with us to allow players to experience this.